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Meet Margaret!

Margaret handles all things financial at Brewer Company. She’s a natural at her job. Business and finance has been her background and her field of education. While other kids played ‘house’ she played ‘office’. She loves her work here at Brewer Company but there’s only so much of that a body can take. When the whistle blows you’ll find Margaret escaping outside to play in her yard and garden. She says that pulling weeds is a form of therapy. Her four kitties also enjoy a healthy thicket of catnip she planted last spring. Margaret says it’s not just for the kitties though, sipping a cup of catnip tea does wonders for an upset stomach.

Art is another of Margaret’s passions, whether appreciating the works of others or doing a little creating of her own. Watercolor landscapes, stained glass and hand built pottery pieces are a few of her favorites. Albert Esinstiens’s theory of relativity is exemplified well in Margaret’s life. She says that time seems to almost stand still when she’s in her garden or painting.

She’s not the only one who enjoys being outside. Her grandson Jake is always up for a game of “catch me”. Oh no! There’s another one on the way! She may not have to renew her membership to the gym this year.


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