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Which Paper Folder is Right for Me?

Do you feel you are wasting time folding documents by hand?  Do you have a folder that is older and has seen its better days?   If either statement is true then it’s time to think about purchasing a new paper folder, one that will better suit your current needs. A paper folder will give a professional look and will save time. Everyone knows the value of saving time!

What to consider when choosing a paper folder: 

  • Folding Volume: How many documents are you folding on a regular basis? Any yearly mailings?  Do you plan on growing to where the volume may become an issue?
  • Paper Size: What is the smallest and largest document you fold? Also think about how you fold; not every folder will do all fold types.
  • Types of Folds: Most manual folders can be adjusted for the most common folds as well as custom folding; most commercial automatic folding machines will have common folds preset to easily change as well as custom folds. Cross folding is common with church bulletins but not every folder will cross fold.
  • Paper stock: Regular copy paper will work in about every folder, however if you start folding “full bleed” printing and/or glossy you can run into some issues… In those cases we start talking about creasers and air feed folders. 98% of business’s/churches will be happy with a “friction” fed machine.
  • Manual -vs- Automatic: If you require two or less different folds and you have up to two machine operators we recommend saving money and choosing a manual folder. If you require more than two folds and you have more than two machine operators we strongly suggest a folder with an automatic setting feature which will cut down on headaches and possible service calls that would require re-adjusting the fold plates.
  • Budget: Finally, your budget is always an important consideration. Paper folders vary widely in price and quality, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an affordable one that has the features to fit your application. Note about quality: sometimes it’s good to spend a little extra to get a higher quality machine. A higher quality folder will outlast a cheaper folder giving you “more bang for your buck”. We have folders ranging in price from $269.00 to $12,000.00 with our two most popular models retailing at $2,699.00 and $3,849.00. 
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